AKA’s Killers Were Paid R800 000; See by Who

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According to a crucial discovery in the investigation, six people involved in the murder of South African rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes were paid R800,000 to see him dead.

Along with his good friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, AKA was shot and killed outside Durban’s Wish restaurant on Florida Road last year.

Afterwards, his case was said to be successful, and the police insisted they still had sufficient proof to make the arrests. The rapper’s killer’s arrest was first reported by the Eswatini newspaper The Times of Eswatini.The rapper’s killer’s arrest

The two suspects in the case are brothers, Siyabonga Gezani Ndimane (Nxele) and Malusi Dave Ndimande (Mjay), according to the publication. They were reportedly caught by the Royal Eswatini Police Services as they were hiding in Mbabane’s zone four. Both suspects are said to be from Durban.

The brothers allegedly received R133 000 as their share of the alleged R800 000 payments for the rapper’s murder, according to the story. There are two other homicides that the brothers are reportedly linked to.

According to the publication, the Director of Public Prosecutions in Eswatini is in possession of the Standard Bank account statements, which show where the brothers’ payment was put after they finished the murder.

5 suspects were placed under remand detention after their court appearances in South Africa today, Thursday. After being held in Esatwini, the two are awaiting their return home so they can stand in court in South Africa. As stated on capetownetc.com

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