Youths SA: Application For A Free Driving Licence – Code 10 & 14

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Youths SA: Application For A Free Driving License


Youths SA application for free driving license (code 10 & 14) candidates who are not yet working are encouraged to apply. The main reason is to find youth of South Africa being busy doing or upgrading their career with driving license.

The driving license is the authorization report in South Africa that authorizes the bearer to drive an engine vehicle on a public street. Driving licenses are issued by authorized driving permit testing centers, which are managed by districts under the supervision of the common and public Departments of Transport. The driving permit has been issued in a “Mastercard design” since 1998; previously, it was remembered for the holder’s public character archive. The minimum age to obtain a permit is 18.

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An intended driver should first get a student’s license before applying for a driver’s license.

The student’s examination is a series of choice tests that examine information on vehicle controls, traffic laws, and traffic signals.

The following standards were required:

The number of inquiries in this class is 28, with 22 being the pass mark.

Vehicle controls – There are 8 queries in this section, with a pass mark of 6 required.

Street signs, street markings, and traffic signals – This category has 28 inquiries with a pass characteristic of 23.


Applicants must not be working full-time.
A government employee is not required.
People with disabilities are not permitted to apply.
The candidate must have a 10/12 grade point average.

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Please keep in mind:

The Department of Higher Education and Training South Africa does not enthusiastically sponsor the Youths SA application for a free driving license code 10 and 14.

If you do not meet the standards, your application will be rejected.

How do you apply?

1. To apply, go to and affirm that you are a South African citizen between the ages of 18 and 34. You will then be sent an application form.

2. OR You can complete the Application Form and email your application form including all required details as mentioned above to:

Please share with friends and family since the application will conclude in November 2023.

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