Youth Opportunities South Africa

Youth Opportunities South Africa 2022 – 2023

Youth opportunities South Africa  is a nationwide network that links bright and interested job seekers to a variety of options such as YES, Full-time employment, Part-time jobs, Learnerships, Volunteering, and Learning Opportunities.

This platform improves the job-seeking experience of young South Africans from difficult and expensive to simple and inexpensive.

As part of the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention, Youth opportunities South Africa is sponsored by the Presidency, Harambee, YES, the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), and the Harambee Youth Employment Service Accelerator.

What Is Youth Opportunities South Africa?

Youth opportunities South Africa is South Africa’s national network allowing all young people to get free access to learning and earning possibilities.

The President has brought together a diverse group of partners to form a network of networks that will allow young people to access a broader range of possibilities. Harambee is one of these SA Youth partners, therefore if you are already a member of the Harambee network, you may use your current password to login and gain access to even more features.

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Harambee will continue to give you with online and telephone work-seeker help and to connect you to available jobs, but by working with the government, you will now have access to a significantly larger pool of prospects.

Unemployed And Young Looking For Opportunities

Youth opportunities South Africa is a completely free opportunity for young South Africans — there are no strings attached. It is open to everyone who is:

  • Between the ages of 15 and 34
  • Provide a valid SA ID document or Refugee Card

They also have possibilities for tertiary graduates and persons with disabilities.

Harambee’s Board of Directors is made up of a varied set of people whose cumulative experience is exactly what the organization requires right now. Our leadership team brings decades of relevant expertise to the table and represents the cream of South African talent.

Harambee is a founding partner of SA Youth, a game-changing platform. It is part of the Presidential Young Employment Intervention, a coordinated strategic national strategy outlining key initiatives to solve South Africa’s youth unemployment problem. On Youth Day 2021, President Ramaphosa unveiled, which links young people to possibilities at scale.

Below are some of Testimony from Youth South Africa

youth opportunities south africa

youth opportunities south africa

youth opportunities south africa

How To Get Stated with Youth Opportunities South Africa?

To get started please visit the website and follow the instruction to get hired or learning skills. This is life time opportunities for all job-seekers and young people who still need to learn in order to boost their careers.

How To Register On SA Youth?

How To Register On SA Youth?

How To Register On SA Youth?

How To Register On SA Youth?

How To Register On SA Youth?



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