Apply for Police Training 2022-2023

Apply for South African Police Service Training 2022-2023 as is the Republic of South Africa’s national police force.

About the SAPS Police Training

South Africa’s 1,138 police stations are divided by provincial borders, with a Provincial Commissioner appointed in each province.
150,950 officers (2014/15)
Pretoria, South Africa is the location of the company’s headquarters.

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Date of Inception: 1995

South Africa is the jurisdiction.

In 2014–2015, there were 193,692 employees.

Bheki Cele is the Minister of Police in charge.

There are several things to consider before applying for a SAPS Training 2022/2023 to become a police officer. Aside from the critical considerations of whether or not this is the proper vocation for you and whether or not you can take the emotional, mental, and physical rigors of a day on the job, there’s one other question to consider.

Joining the South African Police Service Has Its Advantages (SAPS).

  • Job stability
  • A good benefit package is available.
  • Opportunity for progress in your career.
  • Possibility of preserving, enforcing, and ensuring peace and safety.

In order to join the South African Police Training Service, you must meet certain requirements.

  • During the entire recruitment process, candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 30.
  • Candidates must have taken, passed, and be in possession of a Grade 12 certificate.
  • Candidates must be fluent in English and any other language they may be asked to speak.
  • To take the oath of office, you must be prepared.
  • Candidates must not have a criminal record or be facing a criminal prosecution.
  • Candidates must have a South African ancestry.
  • A South African identity card is required.

The Recruitment Exercise and Process for the South African Police Training Service (SAPS).

The SAPS recruitment process is divided into three (3) stages:

Stage 1: Induction

The induction stage lasts one (1) month at a designated police station, during which the candidate will be required to shadow and observe the actions of South African Police Service officers in order to learn how they perform their jobs and get on-the-job policing experience.

Stage 2: Basic Training

For the selected candidates, this training stage lasts eight months (8) in a South African Police Service Academy. Candidates are evaluated on policing ethics and discipline. They are taught how to fight and defend themselves in dangerous situations, as well as how to protect the general population. They are also taught how to resolve conflicts calmly and de-escalate tensions. They are taught the country’s laws, human rights, and much more.

Stage 3: Probation

After passing the above two phases (induction and basic training), the candidate will be enrolled in the South African Police Service under probationary terms for a period of 12 months from the day of appointment until the candidate has completed the above two stages.

The candidate must guarantee that he or she maintains proper behaviour before, during, and after the recruitment process for the South African Police Service. Candidates who conduct in a way that causes the South African Police Service disgrace risk losing their jobs.

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The BPDLP’s Structure

The Learning Program will last 24 months, with 12 months spent at the Academy and 12 months spent in the business. It will be divided into two phases: one in the academy and one in the workplace.

The first phase is the academy (10 months)

  • The primary focus of the foundational phase will be on obtaining the requisite information and abilities.
  • Knowledge and abilities are put to use in the real world.

Workplace experience is the second phase (12 months)

  • At a station, employees are exposed to the workplace.

The third phase is the academy (2 months)

  • Assessments that are integrated

After completing the training and being judged competent, police training are permanently enlisted as constables in the South African Police Service.

During the first 24 months, you will be paid and get perks.
During the first 24 months, a police trainee will be paid and given the following benefits:
Phase 1: R3 175,00 per month for 10 months at the SAPS Academy
Meals and lodging are provided for free.
Medical help from Polmed has a reduced plan membership and no pension fund.
Phases 2 and 3: 12 months at a station and two months at the Academy for integrated assessment R 7 275,00 per month
Self-catering and lodging
Polmed medical aid — membership in a lower or higher plan, a pension fund, and all other advantages (Leave, allowances, etc)
After 24 months, a permanent appointment costs R 10 307,00 per month.


How to Apply a Police Training 2022-2023

The fundamental eligibility for employment with the South African Police Service is determined by the minimum requirements listed above (SAPS). Please keep in mind that the application procedure can take a long time. The process might take anywhere from a few months to more than a year, depending on the individual’s circumstances.

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