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Writing A Curriculum Vitae-Best Winning CV.

What is a CV

Your Curriculum Vitae is a personal record of who you are and what you have accomplished so far in your life.
Provide the employer with a summary of your past experiences and training. The document tends to be organized
chronologically and should facilitate obtaining an overview of a person’s education and work experience.

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What should a CV look like?

A CV begins with your name, address, and contact details. You can then provide some personal data, including your
date of birth, identification number and citizenship (but not required). It should include your last training history.
and any experience you may have (see examples below). A CV is usually accompanied by a cover letter when
apply for a job.

How long should this last?

Any CV you send to a company for a job should not exceed two pages. It is because a
the employer receives many applications for each job. Please provide only the most important information about the
job you are applying for.

Customize your CV

A CV should focus on those of your skills and accomplishments that are directly relevant to the position or position you are in.
apply for. Read the ad and job specs to make sure you understand exactly what
that the employer is looking for. Show how you meet the criteria by using the cover letter and CV for reference. You can
enhance your CV as you gain new qualifications, skills, and experience.

Show your skills

As a young person, you may lack work experience and therefore it is important to highlight the skills you have.
gained by focusing on what you can do for the employer. List the short courses you have taken or experienced
you had outside of formal school hours. List any special skills, for example language, IT,
leadership skills, organizational skills, etc.

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CV tips:

• use good quality A4 paper
• make sure your CV is clean
• make sure the CV has no folded pages (the corners of the pages are not folded)
• check your spelling and grammar
• make sure it is clean
• leave a lot of blank space
• have your CV typed

Please Take Note:

1. Create a Curriculum Vitae (CV) that is clear and simple or easy to read. Don’t includes unnecessary details that mighty fail you on interview room

2. Make sure that your CV is reviewed by someone for spelling errors.

3. Make sure to use your covering letter as a marketing tool.

Download Best winning CV and Cover Letter pdf 

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