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Apply Funza Lushaka Bursary 2021

Bursary Details

Apply Funza Lushaka Bursary Online Application for 2021 is a multi-year initiative that encourages public school teachers to pursue higher education. Bursaries are available to help qualifying students complete a full teaching certification in a high-demand subject area. The bursary recipient would be expected to teach in a public school for the same number of years as the bursary. Qualified bursary recipients should apply for suitable public school positions through their preferred provincial education department (PED). The PED in question will decide if a suitable position is appropriate. If there isn’t one, The applicant will be offered a place in a PED with appropriate openings.

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Criteria for admission

Only South African residents are eligible for the bursary. Applicants that do not have a legitimate South African ID book will not be accepted. Applicants must have been admitted into a tertiary institution or an appropriate study program at a recognized higher education institution to be considered for the bursary. Applicants must also fulfill the institution’s admission requirements and include the national selection criteria for the Funza Lushaka bursary. The following are some of the selection criteria:

Please note that those who already have other teaching qualifications are not eligible for this program

What the Bursary covers:

Funza Lushaka scholarships cover all essential expenses of the beneficiary. Expenses covered include tuition, full room including meals, books, and learning materials, as well as a small allowance for monthly living expenses. The assignment to an individual student is limited to a specific value. When the IES charges more than the maximum value, treasurers must supplement with their own funds. Universities have different cost structures, so the total value of a scholarship varies from institution to institution.

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Conditions to be repeated one year.

The scholarship period may be extended to cover an additional year in a study program or the time required to complete an additional course in the PGCE program. Only one such extension will be granted. Funding for an additional year of study (i.e. the 5th year) is not automatic and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In cases where support is provided for an additional year, the student’s service obligation is extended for one year. Any additional time required will be the responsibility of the beneficiary. The scholarship is renewable for one academic year at a time. As proof of academic achievement, the scholarship may be renewed each year until the scholarship recipient is qualified as a teacher.

Scholarship reimbursement conditions

The scholarship should be reimbursed only if the beneficiary is not eligible, does not apply for a teaching position with a DEP in a public school, does not assume a teaching position with a DEP in a public school, leaves a teaching position with a DEP before the end of the contractual service period, or does not meet a requirement of the scholarship agreement.

How To Apply

To apply for the first time, go to this page.

You must apply for admission to a teaching diploma (B Ed or PGCE) or a bachelor’s degree (eg BSc, B Tech, BA) with at least one major course in a priority area at a university of your choice . Once you have obtained the admission to a university, you need to apply for the scholarship through this website.

The bursary is awarded for one academic year at a time and can be extended each year on the basis of academic achievement until the bursary recipient has qualified as a teacher. The bursary recipient must reapply for the following year by the end of October. Bursary recipients will be expected to teach for one year for every year they receive a bursary.

Funza Lushaka Closing date:

Students, re-applications are still being accepted due to Covid-19.
This is the first time Due to Covid-19, the application period for students is still available.

Tap here to reapply.

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