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UJ Online Application 2022

UJ online application form for the 2022 academic year are now open. Applications can be made online and the application is free online, with no application fees required

Get to know some information about UJ

UJ has four campuses: the Auckland Park Kingsway, Auckland Park Bunting Road, Doornfontein and Soweto campuses, all located in the greater Johannesburg area.

Campuses vary in size and each has its own character and culture which contributes to the rich diversity of the institution. A comprehensive development plan has been drawn up to ensure optimal use of all campuses. This will stimulate the growth and development of five higher education sites, each unique in its profile and academic program capacity, but all sharing the goal of delivering high quality college education.

There is a lot of enthusiasm for the establishment of the Soweto Center for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises on the Soweto campus. The Center is the first phase of the Campus’ flagship development, the Johannesburg School of Leadership, with its particular focus and exploration of African leadership.

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Recent developments, such as the ultramodern buildings that house the School of Tourism and Hospitality, the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture and the Modern Art Center [comprising a theater and a ujgallery] do not benefit not just to the UJ but also to the Johannesburg community as a whole. The combined facilities available at the University are among the best in the country and include libraries, micro-laboratories, sports and cultural facilities. Many of the UJ’s facilities, such as the restaurants, conference rooms, theater and art gallery, are for commercial use and are open to the general public.

The University comprises a constructed area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 45,000 m2 and the facilities available on the respective campuses include:

Classrooms and micro-laboratories.
Campuses and health clinics.
Student shopping centers, restaurants and cafeterias.
Auditoriums, halls, galleries and conference rooms.
Sports facilities.
You can also be part of the UJ community, the first thing is to apply for admission

Access an online application here: https://registration.uj.ac.za/

Make sure your ID and Grade 11 results are scanned and certified before you start an online application.

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