Exxaro Electrician Learnership 2021

Deadline/Closing date: 01/25/2021
Reference: EXX210114-2


• Provide an electrical assistance service to customers for the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical infrastructure and equipment.


• Technical level 12 / Standard 10 (essential / minimum)
• N3: relevant for engineering (essential / minimal)
• Profession: Electrician MQA / QCTO (Essential / Minimal)


• Psychometric assessment (essential / minimal) (to be performed by Exxaro)
• Certificate of aptitude (essential / minimum) (to be carried out by Exxaro)
• Medium voltage switching (essential / minimum)
• Competence: MQA basic module assessments (Essential / Minimal)
• Competence: Evaluation of MQA modules on the job (Essential / Minimum)
• Pub Driv Lic: Code B (recommended / desirable)
• Appointment in terms of OHSA and MHSA (Recommended / Desirable)

Duties and Responsibilities

Other opportunity: Bell Equipment Apprenticeship 

The owner will be responsible, among other things, for the following:

Equipment operations and control

• Inspect / repair assets / equipment and surrounding infrastructure
• Perform condition monitoring / testing / troubleshooting / troubleshooting
• Comply with planned maintenance programs
• Take responsibility for maintenance / new installations and keep records
• Support the maintenance work of support staff.
• Perform maintenance during breakdowns and shutdowns

Inspection and control

• Inspect all tools, equipment and instruments before use
• Inspect all vehicles / machinery / mechanical equipment for faults
• Report faults immediately
• Perform an inspection according to a specific schedule to repair identified defects

Planning and control of materials / resources

• Comply with planned maintenance programs
• Use available resources, both people and teams in an optimal way
• Take responsibility for the quality of maintenance and new installations in the functional area
• Complete daily worksheets and send them to the foreman
• Transfer knowledge and guide artisan assistants / apprentices to improve their skills

Safe and healthy working environment

• Comply with all health and safety practices and promote good maintenance on an ongoing basis
• Deal with all unsafe practices and potentially dangerous situations, rectify / report to the superior
• Comply with the technical requirements of safety, health, environment and community (SHEC)
• Wear the applicable personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times.

Technical support

• Install cables and maintain oil switches and lightning protection devices and electrical distribution board.
• Locate and repair faults in bearings, brush holders, etc.
• Reconnect armature for different operating voltages or speeds
• Test the stators for insulation faults, open short circuits
• Install, maintain and repair various electrical systems and equipment
• Inspect, maintain and repair outdoor wiring, including overhead and underground electrical circuits.
• Measure circuits for faults, using instrumentation as a fault remedy during tasks such as replacing faulty parts, fuses and contacts, repairing / replacing switches and tightening loose connections and removing circuits short-circuited.
• Plan and order parts to minimize production delays due to tool, equipment and instrument failure

Other opportunity: Anglo American Learnership

Alignment of behaviors
It demonstrates the following:

• Creativity, collaboration, sociability and awareness of the ecosystem
• Stewardship, accountability, ability to build trust, safety awareness and ethics
• Ability to respond quickly to business needs / agility, flexibility, continuous learning, innovation and a proven ability to experiment with creative business solutions.
• Ability to be inclusive, enthusiastic about multiple skills, embrace multiple cultures, accept different approaches and be human-centered / empathetic
• Results-oriented, driven by quality, excellence, entrepreneurship, efficiency and effectiveness

The appointment will be made in accordance with Exxaro’s employment equity policy.
If you have not been contacted within 28 days of the closing date of this ad, please accept that your request was unsuccessful.

how to apply?

Apply online here>>> https://exxaro.erecruit.co/candidateapp/Jobs/

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