How to Apply Jobs / Learnerships At Mr Price Store

About Mr Price:

Mr. Price Group is a company of freethinkers, artists, creators, creators, artisans, art lovers, technicians, planners, disruptors, vocabulary, scrap numbers, hard-working fans, engineers, left-wing thinkers, award-winning winners. and much more.

Price Group says they are hired to train for skills. If you are passionate and have a good attitude, you are one step closer to joining their family.

If you are looking for opportunities in one of Mr. Price stores, you can follow these steps:

1. Visit Mr Price Career Website at:

2. Sign in / register your CV

If you already have an account, you can simply log in and start applying. If you do not have an account, you need to create a profile. It should be a quick and easy process. Fill in your personal information, email. Email և password View information Create a profile at:

Other Opportunities: VKB Groups Vacancies

3. Search for available jobs / learnerships

Once your profile has been posted, you are ready to start applying. You can search for vacancies և by location or by department. Click on the “more information” for the case you want to know more about. It will show you the requirements, responsibilities and other relevant information.

To apply follow the steps below:

Click “Apply” and follow the directions when you get a job.

The interesting thing is that even if you are not exactly interested in something, by creating a profile, mr. Press, keep in mind for future opportunities.

To work in Price Store, you need the following:

South Africa legal Identity Book, Be able to operate retail hours, including weekends and public holidays. Have a minimum qualification of grade 12 (or equivalent). The price group reserves the right to conduct employee inspections, including, but not limited to, criminal credit inspections.

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