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Transnet General Worker Vacancies

The job description

Transnet offers Transnet General Worker an opportunity for applicants who wish to join Transnet. Successful applications for this Transnet General Worker event will need to adapt technical support staff to adapt new requirements and features within the TNPA infrastructure to ensure that tasks are completed on time and in a well-maintained infrastructure. Be responsible for cleaning and maintaining Sandby Road and ensuring a clean and healthy environment at all times.

Transnet is moving away from its fast-moving market demand, Transnet 4.0 strategy, which focuses on restructuring Transnet and the national transport system to compete in a dynamic, technology-driven state of the fourth industrial revolution. . The pressure of strategy growth includes; globalization, development of products and services, diversity and expansion of Transnet’s manufacturing business model. The main objectives of Transnet’s efforts are to increase the communication, size and capacity of the integrated port, rail and pipeline network.


Grade 10 (Standard 8)
6 months experience
Mental health
It is physically fit
Pay attention and you have very good eyes and a good hearing.

A regular employee is being sought from Transnet


Safety and awareness of danger
Desire for results
Man’s driving force and integrity
The ability to develop effective working relationships
Edit the following
Honest and reliable
Self control
be careful
Knowledge of basic mechanical and electrical engineering equipment, hand tools, materials.
Information on safety, first aid and fire fighting.
Safe operating procedures.
Communication skills
Organizational and organizational skills
Leadership skills
Basic computer skills

Key Duties:

General housekeeping and care for a clean and healthy environment, including space, at all times.
Break the concrete with a hammer, a rhombus and a hammer in the hose, electric wires and sinks.
Elevators, luggage, transport, luggage, equipment, tools and materials. Stone removal and beach cleaning to prevent pump damage.
Archaeological excavations, general excavations and excavations.
High pressure cleaning, including the removal of marine ecosystems, molds, sauces, jet pumps, sand drainage equipment, exterior walls and inner walls of the shower tank, and all other areas where high pressure is required.
Clean the drum screen and inside the shower tank.
Apply anti-corrosion protection, drainage tank, plant pumps, pump components, GSPs, pier pipes and all other equipment, equipment and facilities necessary to prevent corrosion.
Enter the enclosed spaces, that is, caissons and residential tanks to extract growth in the sea.
Maintain and clean work areas, equipment and tools.
Paint chops, valves and electric motors, saucers and anywhere else where paint is needed.
Assist with regular work in other depots as needed and when needed.
Sand pump and brackets

How to apply

Click here to apply online

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