Department Of Correctional Services Learnership Application Form 2021

Correctional Services Learnership 2020; Ethical learnership is opened because the application of all voters is interested. All interested applicants must submit their applications according to the procedures below. Applicants are available to make sure you meet all the requirements to improve their chances.

Introduction to correctional services learnership

Correctional Services Learnership is a training program for service learning or guidance service learning offered by the Department of Correctional Services (DCS), Republic of South Africa (RSA). DCS is looking for people with any background, interests and qualifications to join the Ethical Learnerships. The program offers students equivalent to NQF Level 4 and receives a Certificate for Higher Education and Training (FET). Students / students are trained in the field of rehabilitation and rehabilitation through the rehabilitation and development of a cell in a safe and respectful manner under the supervision of ethics by the community. The learnership aims to play a role in improving the skills of at least some South Africans. The Apprenticeship for Correctional Services is based on a legal agreement between the employer, the student and the service provider.

Benefits of Correctional Services learnership

The FET Certificate in Correctional Services Learnership uses English as the primary language during the learnership program. One of the benefits students will learn is to develop their skills, knowledge and experiences to work on learning the skills, knowledge and first-hand area corrections. The program also offers students a monthly fee of over R3500.00 for 12 months.

Correctional services learnership requirements

Basic requirements

To apply for a postgraduate scholarship, candidates must be a South African with Grade 12 / Level 10. If not, you must have completed the National Vocational Study (NQF Level 4). Or not, you must complete the FET Certificate (NQF Level 4). If you have higher qualifications and participate in this program but your cash paid or future earnings are not affected.

General requirements

Candidates must be South Africans between the ages of 23 and 35, have a good reputation, are willing to have their fingerprints taken for background checks. It is said that the law for citizens without criminal residence remains undisturbed, only if they wish to follow the interviews and choose the process, are willing to disclose details and allow -DCS to review the qualifications and are prepared to to take a psychological test.

Other Opportunity: City of Tshwane Metro Police Traineeships

Formation of learnership

This apprenticeship comprises about 30% of theory and about 70% of professional learning.


About 30% learning theory includes firearms, physical exercise and defense colleges certified by the DCS. During this workout, free seating, training materials and uniforms (wearing sweatpants and garden) are provided. Compulsory training theory, students must be taught full time at the Training College.

Work practice

About 70% of work-based learning is held in the community rehabilitation and social development centers. During this phase, learners will continue to earn money, accommodation, food, refreshments and transport. However, it should be noted that there is no pension fund, housing allowance / benefits, risk cover, healthcare. Students must be considered competent after completing the theory learning phase and working class learning, presenting the final Portfolio Proof (POE) and successfully under external review that SASSETA can achieve. Any deviation from the apprenticeship agreement for a 12-month period will be considered by the DCS, in accordance with sections 17 and 18 of the Skills Development Act, 97 of 1998. Upon completion of the apprenticeship option, you will receive an FET- certificate in ethics (NQF equivalent standard). However, DCS does not guarantee any activities permanently.

Correctional Services Learnership Application

To apply for this Learnerships, you must first download the DCS Learnership Application form and completely from your own writting. Blocking this cookie will protect the learnership you request (eg KZN Region: Durban Ref: E22 / 2020). Make sure that voters do not leave vacancies and that you have to sign them by your hands (application forms may not be signed by an agent). Submit certified copies of your personal documents and identity documents that are not older than three months.

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