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Transnet General Workers Needed Urgently.

Purpose of position:

• Provide technical support service to the new service requirements and functions of the TNPA
infrastructure, to ensure timely delivery and to ensure well-maintained infrastructure.
• Responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the Sand Bypass House and ensuring a clean and sanitary environment at all times
depending on the details.
• Perform pulsating tasks as needed

General function

• General housekeeping and ensuring a clean and hygienic environment at all times, including where necessary.
• Break the concrete with a hammer, saw and damper hammer with pipes, electric cords and pieces.

NOTE: Transnet, its employees or representatives do not solicit money from job seekers. Such requests are deceptive. Report anywhere
suspicious activities related to the Transnet Combat Service on 0800 003 056.
• Elevator, bearing, transport, loading, loading equipment, tools and materials.
• Stone removal and cleaning of the beach to prevent pump damage.
• Mining, general excavation and recycling.
• High pressure cleaning, including removal of seawater, jet pipes, jet pumps, sand conveyors,
the outer walls and inner walls of the deposition tank, and all other areas where high pressure cleaning is required.
• Clean the drum screen and the inside of the shower tank.
• Install anti-rust protection, drainage tank, tanning pumps, pump parts, GSPs, tanning pipes and all
other materials, equipment and areas required to prevent corrosion.
• Install enclosed spaces, ie caissons and exit tanks to remove marine growth.
• Maintain and clean work surfaces, equipment and tools.
• Rating of markers, valves and electric motors, aircraft pipes and all other areas where paint is required.
• Assist with regular work in other depots as needed and when needed.
• Sand pump motors and brackets.
• Remove, disassemble, inspect, assemble, replace, replace, adjust and change as needed: metals, jet pumps, booster pumps,
actuators, motors, drum guard, drum guard chains, trunnion wheels, axial barriers, pipe nuts, brackets, hard
plumbing, handmade, ivory hoses, corrosion pipes, nozzles, distributors, air valves and all other mechanical equipment
and sand as needed.
• Remove, separate, check, merge, replace, insert, align, adjust, remove and connect as needed: electricity
cables, actuators, motors, lamps, ARVs, and all the electrical components of the sand that goes through it.
• Use electrical appliances, e.g. Drilling machines, grinders and compressors and all other electrical appliances, if necessary.
• Remove keys, bars, lids, damaged doors, frames, windows, fencing, pedestals, pins, handles, origin, origin and
• Paint and roof walls and all other surfaces and components as needed.
• Re-open blocked channels and traps.
Qualifications and experience:
Qualifications and experience:
• Grade 10 (Standard 8)
• 6 months experience
• Mental health
• Physical fitness
• Be alert and have excellent eyes and good hearing.

Skills needed:

• Safety and risk
• The desire to get results
• Personal drive and integrity
• The ability to develop productive working relationships
• The following line
• Reliable and reliable
• Self control

Information required:

• Knowledge of basic mehendi electrical appliances, hand tools, materials.
• Safety information, for the first time – firefighting assistance.
• Safe operating procedures.

• Grade 10
• Medically Fit
• Physically fit

The closing date is 28.02.2020. It is the job of the applicant to make sure HR has received the request
before the closing date of the advertisement.

Note: If you are not contacted within 30 days of the closing date of this ad, please consider the application has failed

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