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Department Of Correctional Service Vacancies

DCS Vacancies


 National office: Director: Human Resources (Ref: HO 2020/01/31)

Salary: R173 703 per year
Requirements: Grade 12 or equivalent. Experience in the same environment can be beneficial. Computer Information.
Powers and characteristics: DCS monetary policy regarding claims, expenses, continuity, payments, invoices, etc. DCS uniforms plan. Memorandum, fax and letter format. Typing skills. Financial and logistics management.
Functions: Managing the performance checklist documentation. Ensure complete implementation of all operating documentation. Find and capture performance information. Send all documentation to the assistant director for quality
to check. Make copies of all documents. Provide general office administrative support to the Sub-Directorate. maintenance
in the work register. It processes leave requests. Processing of staff information regarding internal staff
subordinate director. Processing of staff requests. Search for quotes. Inventory management. Make applications for a purchase.
Resource Management.


 Zonderwater Training College (Ref: HO 2020/01/33)

Salary: R173 703 per year
Requirements: Grade 12 or equivalent. Experience in the same environment can be beneficial. Computer Information.
Strengths and characteristics: good knowledge of PFMA and the Treasury period. Excellent interpersonal and interpersonal skills. Professional integrity and ability to perform under pressure. Financial management. Teaching skills.
Organize, organize, lead and control. Project Management. Presentation skills. Conflict Resolution. Report writing. Time management. Privacy. An understanding of public service policy and the legal framework. Service delivery and customer monitoring. Honesty and honesty. Recognition. Influence and influence. Problem-solving skills. Networking and communication.
Responsibilities: ensure implementation of HR policies such as leave management, accommodation, operations
administration, complaints, disciplinary process, workplace injury, transfer and termination of services. Kommunikasiebeleide
news. Schedule staff meetings. Update and maintain the Z8, Z168 and related features list. Assemble G224. Hold back
the PERSAL transaction process. The process allows donations. Manage your finances and assets.


 Zonderwater Training College (Ref: HO 2020/01/34)

Salary: R173 703 per year
Requirements: Grade 12. Information about LOGIS or related experiences in a comparative environment will add value.
Computer Information.
Powers and characteristics: knowledge of the PFMA and the Treasury period. Knowledge of the service delivery management framework. Communication skills. Customer Guidance and Customer Focus. Problem solving and analysis. New service delivery.
Make a decision. People manage and power. Honesty and honesty. Privacy. Good relationships between people. An understanding of public service policy and the legal framework. Information on procurement procedures.
Recognition. Networking and communication capabilities.
Functions: executes and administers purchasing management, transportation, LOGIS and procurement policies. Let’s get together
all LOGIS-related expenses, asset verification and inventory balances. You are responsible for managing LOGIS report,
transport and logistics management. Help with bidding and warehouse management. Financial and asset management.


 National office: Office of the Chief Commissioner of Labor (Ref: HO 2020/01/42)

Salary: R122 595 per year
Requirements: Grade 12. Three (3) years of management experience. Completing an improved management course will be beneficial. A valid driver’s license.
Strengths and attributes: Plan and edit. Be punctual. Privacy. An understanding of the Public Service policy and the legal framework. Service delivery and customer monitoring. Honesty and honesty. Recognition. Ability to work under pressure. Good relationships between people. Good communication and listening skills. Information on applicable government laws
to move.
Responsibilities: Collect and submit documents at the post office. Distribute documents inside and outside the department.
Keep the car assigned to the Office of the Chief Industry Commissioner. Keep an accurate record of all official trips.
Full log. Manage assets.


 National office: director: release of exemption (reference: HO 2020/01/35)
 National office: Directorate: Financial Management (Ref: HO 2020/01/36)
 National office: Directorate: Psychological Services (Ref: HO 2020/01/37)
 National Head Office: Director: Integrated Communication (Ref: HO 2020/01/38)
 National office: directorate: special audit (Ref: HO 2020/01/39)
 National office: Director: Legal Contract Management (Ref: HO 2020/01/40)
 National head office: HR management office (Ref: HO 2020/01/41)

Salary: R173 703 per year
Requirements: Grade 12 for typing as a course or other training or qualification course that will enable the person
you’ve done enough work. Computer Information.
Strengths and attributes: Honesty and integrity. Pay attention to details. Edit and edit. Be punctual and confidential.
Service delivery and customer monitoring. Excellent communication skills (written and oral). Ability to work under pressure.
The ability to integrate and organize work-related activities. Good call behavior. High level of confidence. Ability to perform
intelligence and understanding.

Responsibilities: Outgoing office duties and general administrative duties. Screen and answer calls. Enter books.
Edit documents and offers. Ensure proper record management with effective filing systems. Manage electronic document tracking system. Keep a diary and manage appointments. You are responsible for managing the document
program to follow. Schedule and arrange meetings, workshops, etc. Prepare receipt of office equipment such as
stationery. Perform all the duties and duties associated with the role. Arrange all necessary travel arrangements for conferences, courses,
meetings and hearings far from the office. Financial and asset management.

Note:  Before you apply: all applicants will bear the costs associated with the application. The Department of Correctional Services is an equal opportunity employer. The department will consider the objectives of Section 195 (1)
(i) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (Act 108 of 1996) and the Employment Equity Act, 1998 (Act 55 of
1998) in filling these gaps. It is our intention to promote representation regarding race, gender and disability
filling these positions. In support of this strategy, applicants must indicate their race, gender and disability status
application form / CV. Retired applications from the Department of Public Works with specific determination that they cannot be re-identified or unhealthy will not be considered.
Note that the books are only compiled with those listed on the shortlist. If you are not contacted
accept within three (3) months of the closing date of the advertisement that your application was unsuccessful. I beg you
do not contact the department to inquire about the progress of your application.

The Department of Correctional Services reserves the right not to comply with any of these advertisements.
Applications: Applications must be submitted on the Z83 (government application form) available to any government
It is a department, and it must be completed in full. Applications must be accompanied by a resume, copies of qualifications, an identity document
a valid driver’s license and license. Note: all attached copies must be certified according to the original original copy
older than six months. Submit a separate and complete application for each job you apply for, with the correct reference for each job you want. Faxed and emailed requests will not be accepted.
and minimum appointment requirements.

 Resumes should be adjusted to reflect a single degree of adherence to the requirements and responsibilities of advertising. That’s it
It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that their application reaches the DCS by 15h45 before 17 February 2020.

Indicate the reference number and the post  you are applying for (Z83) and submit the completed form
request to the correct address as shown below:

NATIONAL OFFICE: Department of Correctional Services, Division of Postal Marketing, Private Bag X136, Pretoria, 0001
OR hand delivery to: 124 Nkomo Street WF, Poyntons Building, c / o WF Nkomo and Sophie De Bruyn Streets, Pretoria, 0001
(Formerly: c / o Church and Schubart Street). People to contact: Mr TO TO Mokhele 012 307 2173 / Mr Y Naidoo 012 307 2079 / Mrs TP
Baloyi 012 305 8589.

Download the full PDF Post advertisement here

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