SA Army: Military Skills Development Programme 2021

The mandate of the SA military focuses on the provision of combat readiness forces and must play a leading role in the development of the military component of the country defense functions. The SA military, with its longstanding members, has a prevailing presence and the pride of a lion, forever professional and ready, serving South Africa, no matter where and under what circumstances.

The Military Skills Development System (MSDS) program is a two-year voluntary service with the long-term goal of improving the SA National Defense Force’s deployment capabilities. Staff members must enroll for a period of two years during which they receive military training and further functional training in the first year of service. Depending on the duration of their functional orientation, they will be placed during the second year of work where necessary and given the opportunity to apply their knowledge and develop their skills.

This MSDS program serves as an introduction to the military way of life for all members joining the SA Army for the first time. At the end of the second year, participants may be offered the opportunity to continue serving in the SA Army, or to serve in the SA Army Reserve Force. Further availability of services will depend on the member’s performance over a two-year MSDS, the availability of posts in the relevant functional area, and whether the member is advised to provide additional services depending on the organization’s needs. Members who are not recommended or who do not want to continue serving in the regular army will have to serve in the reserve after the initial two-year period. This means that you have to work 30 days a year for five days.
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Applications are divided into three groups:

Applicants with a recognized university degree / 3-year diploma (MSDS graduates)
The character of the degree will be assessed on the basis of the military’s need for such skills at the appropriate time. Candidates will be notified if they will be invited for further selection. These applicants will be earmarked for leadership development and / or leadership training. The potential for leadership is assessed as part of the selection process.

High School Applicants and Leading Potential A (MSDS Applicants)
These applicants will receive training focused on developing their leadership potential in the second year of use. Upon successful completion of these training courses, members may be selected for further service in the Core System (CSS) studies at the Military Academy, or receive additional training and leadership positions in one of the many Army functional areas. Only candidates who qualify for the twelfth degree are eligible to study at the Military Academy.

Location: ♦ Gauteng ♦ Eastern Cape ♦ Free State ♦ Northern Cape ♦ Limpopo ♦ Mpumalanga ♦ Western Cape ♦ Northwest ♦ KZN


  • Stay only in South Africa.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age but not older than 22 years and have completed matric.
  • 22-26 years old if you have a national diploma
  • Management Potential
  • Not a binding area
  • There is no criminal record

How to apply

Download the application form

Phone: 012-312-2875 / 2319/2609/1261 /

SA Army Headquarters
(Directorate of Human Resources Services)
Private bag X199

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