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Military Skills Development System

The Military Skills Development System (MSDS) is an initiative of the Department of Defense that has existed since 2003. MSDS serves as a supply platform for young South Africans seeking careers in the South African National Defense Force. Potential applicants must have a Grade 12 qualification and be 18 to 22 years old or hold a diploma of at least three (3) years’ highest qualification or degree up to 26 years. Selected applicants join the South African National Defense Force through MSDS for an initial two-year volunteer service during which they will receive military training and further functional training. Further functional training covers a wide range of options, from specialized events such as engineering to general events such as material support officers.

Training for all MSDS participants begins with basic military training, learning basic military skills and discipline. This is followed by another selection process during which participants can apply as officers or sub-commanders for junior executive training. Upon completion of military formative training, members continue with functional training in a specialized profession. Selected participants with the required academic qualifications are also sent to universities or the Military Academy.

At the end of the second year (unless otherwise stated), the member will have the opportunity to indicate whether he or she wishes to renew the contract or leave the Air Force. The renewal of the contract will mainly depend on the performance of the member’s two years and the availability of posts in the relevant functional area. After completing functional training and, where appropriate, tertiary studies, most of these participants work on the usual component of the SANDF. Others are required to serve in the Army Reserve if not translated into the Basic Service System.

Other Opportunity: Air Traffic And Navigation Services Bursary

General Admission Requirements of the MSDS

There are general requirements for joining the Air Force because everyone must be fit for military service. Each meeting in SAAF, also known as a professional class in civil service and trade in the aviation technical environment, has requirements for special educational qualifications, additional personal qualities and a desire to serve in the working environment of this meeting.

The general eligibility requirements for the Military Skills Development Program (MSDS) are as follows:

  • South African (no dual nationality)
  • Age 18-22 at enrollment (up to 26 graduates)
  • Meets the medical fitness requirements for appointment to SANDF
  • Currently in grade 12 or graduated in grade 12 or equivalent with subjects specifically for career choice
  • Do not limit the area
  • There may be no criminal record
  • Physically and medically fit
  • Meets all requirements for appointment to SANDF
  • Be prepared to relocate and participate in deployment in South Africa and abroad if necessary
  • A selection board would recommend.

In addition to these general requirements, additional requirements may be required depending on the specific requirements of some more specialized professions.

selection Process
Applications that meet the minimum requirements will be met for further examination admissions. The identified candidates will then be invited to participate in the selection process.

The selection process will include the following:

Psychometric rating:
The purpose is to determine the candidates’ ability and potential to develop in the position applied for. The nature of these tests will depend on the position you are applying for.

Selection Board (official interview):
A selection committee is constituted to assess the applicants’ interest in the post and their interest in the military in general. The interview also focuses on confidence, leadership potential and communication skills.

Medical evaluation:
Designated military practitioners will conduct a comprehensive medical evaluation to assess the applicant’s medical history and current medical condition. All applicants must be recognized prior to commencement of the program for eligibility for military training.

Criminal record:
Applicants’ fingerprints will be sent to the Criminal Records Bureau for investigation. Criminal conviction records are assessed based on their seriousness and recent history of the offense (s).

Service Offerings
Successful applicants will receive a job offer. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified by correspondence. It is a pity that not all applicants for training will be offered a job because of the large number of applications received.

Basic military training
Basic military training is compulsory for all members of the SA Defense Force and is offered in the Boston Air Force Gymnasium (AFB Hoedspruit) in approximately 13 weeks.

During the course the following subjects are offered, among others:

  • Drill
  • Military laws
  • Military ceremonies
  • Help from friends
  • Physical fitness and warfare

How to Apply?

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