Mpumalanga Department Of Health: Nursing Programme 2022 – Government Learnerships

Mpumalanga Department Of Health: Nursing Programme 2022

Mpumalanga Department Of Health: Nursing Programme 2022

Mpumalanga Department of Health Nursing programme 2022 invites people from 18 – 36  to apply for a three-year nursing online application at Mpumalanga College.

Only applicants with ALL of the following minimum requirements will be considered:

-Matriculation or Senior Certificate or Intermediate Grade 12
-Level 4 in English (HG D / SG C) or higher
-Physiology of life sciences biology at level 3 (HG D / SG C) or higher.
-Mathematics at least level 3 (HG E / SG D) or mathematics at least level 4 or higher
-Any agricultural geography of the physical sciences with a level of at least level 3 (HG E / SG D) or higher. The minimum total admission point (APS) of the six subjects with the highest level should not be less than 23 (excluding life orientation).
-Resident of Mpumalanga Province
-All certificates and addresses will be sent for verification

Certificates that are not registered with the South African Nursing Council (ABET and NCV) will not be considered. Applicants with a disability will only be considered for admission in accordance with the requirements specific to the duties of a nurse

Other Opportunity: Gauteng Department of Health Nursing Programme


Enter into an agreement with the Department of Health to reduce the same number of school years. Attend lectures on theoretical knowledge and integrated training in healthcare facilities as required by the South African Nursing Council.


Each successful candidate receives a monthly study grant with a monthly spend of R4,000, a book premium of R6,500 per annum, a SANC adjustment fee at the expense of the Department of Health and a lump sum once a year. as determined by DPSA and accommodation in the Department of Health. Applicants do not have to pay for admission to the Mpumalanga Nursing College

How to apply

To apply please visit the Mpumalanga Department of Health here: and provide the required details online

If selected, the following documents will be required during the interview

Initial matric certificate or class 12 result statement. All certificates will be sent to Umalusi for inspection. A copy of the identity document certified within three months of the expiration date. Proof of residence permit issued by the local authority or tribal authority


No physical, fax or email requests are allowed. Mazibuko @ 013 766 1868 (8am – 4pm Monday to Friday)

Due to the large number of applications usually received, only candidates considered for selection will be contacted. If you are not contacted after February 28, 2020, consider your application unsuccessfully

PLEASE NOTE THAT ANYONE WHO IS GOING TO OFFER A BRIBE FOR ADMISSION TO THE MPUMALANGA  DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH will accept a criminal offense and intend to know the policy authorities

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