ERM Bursary Programme Entry Level.

The ERM is looking for graduates who are interested in pursuing their postgraduate studies at recognized recognized universities. We can offer you incredible options simply because our scope of work is so large. If you are studying earth or natural sciences, some areas of engineering, economics or social sciences, you may be able to work with us! ERM South Africa promotes transformations. Our industry needs high-level professionals with a multicultural background; we are constantly looking for ways to nurture and develop talent.

Students with an appropriate undergraduate degree who intend to pursue their studies in the subject areas concerned may apply. As part of the selection criteria, students must choose one essay topic from the following options, which consist of service lines (units) in the ERM:

Industry Performance

Theme 1: Sustainability and climate change

Context – Organizations are increasingly under pressure to report on the different dimensions of their performance and how it affects the natural environment and society. Sustainability reporting is one option, but there are many other reporting systems to consider from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the Climate Action Task Force (TCFD), the JSE’s Social Responsibility Index (SRI) listed companies, the UN global list. Compact on human rights, etc. In the face of this constant pressure to report, some companies admit that they are determined to be paralyzed and unable to make real improvements.
Task – what practices do you think can enable companies to link their external reporting to operations management to support continuous performance improvement? Now use one or two examples of companies that you think are doing well.

Theme 2: mergers and acquisitions

Context – The investor community has become a major driver of sustainability, with financial institutions increasingly realizing that investing in businesses with strong environmental, social and management practices (ESG) is delivering better returns. The abolition of coal and other sectors closely linked to the challenges of climate change is another key trend. Africa faces particular challenges in this transition, as the continent’s total population will grow by 600 million by 2040, leading to a continued need for urbanization and infrastructure, as well as a 60% increase in energy demand . The Africa Energy Outlook 2019, published by the International Energy Agency (IEA), says an accumulated investment of $ 2.6 billion between 2019 and 2040 is needed to meet this growing energy demand and affordable energy facilities for Africa citizens.
Challenge – Please discuss how investors should support this transition, and some of the challenges they face in providing rigorous ESG discipline and future energy system adjustments to the future hydrocarbon / renewable energy we need?

Security and Risk

Theme 1: Human factors related to safety and risk

Context – In 2018, ERM launched its first Global Security Survey to explore how businesses address security and risks in a world where stakeholders are increasingly testing performance and rising costs for poor security performance testing. The survey identified nine key findings, highlighting that while internal and external security and risk management testing continue to grow (as well as spend), business performance is still insufficient and is still hampered by cultural and behavioral challenges, including opportunities for new technologies and data is still unused. See for more information
Task – considering the results of the survey and some typical security and risk management tools (such as management systems such as ISO 31000, flexible links, etc.), discuss what you would consider a priority as a customer who wants to perform step. changes in safety and risk performance. List some of the challenges you think you need to overcome and how you will tackle them. For example, you can choose which sector to specify. Mining / oil and gas consider and use some recent practical examples, such as concerns about drilling installations and failures related to recent major catastrophic incidents.

Support for capital projects

Theme 1: The role of energy in achieving sustainable energy goals

Context – our global economy is not currently moving on a sustainable path, which in turn indicates that the sustainability of the whole system will require major changes. To implement these necessary changes, the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015 launched the LNG scheme. These LNGs are a plan for a sustainable future worldwide. These sustainable goals are aimed at addressing the challenges of sustainable development we are currently facing, such as peace, climate, poverty, inequality, environmental deprivation, wealth and justice. In addition, these LNGs are interconnected, enabling us to reach each LNG effectively by 2030, as well as the associated targets (Sustainable Development Goals 2018).
Task – Write an essay on the role of energy in achieving LNG in the African context (limited to 1000 words). The essay should identify and address the key energy issues and challenges facing our continent while reaching the LNG.
Theme 2: Analysis of plastic collective management and sustainability

Context – Organizations are increasingly under pressure to reduce the amount of plastic they supply to consumers to reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the ocean. Is the current management and implementation of Woolworths South Africa programs sustainable?
Task – Write an essay on the sustainability of Woolworths strategy to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans (limited to 1,000 words). The essay should identify and address the key issues and challenges facing Woolworths South Africa and conclude with an analysis of the sustainability of their strategy and its implementation.

Asset Management

You are investigating a site suspected of polluting groundwater from a gasoline spill, and you are taking groundwater samples from an existing monitoring well network. Describe how you would identify which chemicals you would ask in the laboratory to analyze your samples and describe the chemical list and the reason why it should be analyzed.
Risk-based corrective action (RBCA) for hazardous sites: What is RBCA? Is it a sustainable, pragmatic approach to managing contaminated sites, or is it just a defensive position the industry is taking to prevent it? ”

Additional application documents

The following PDF documents must be attached to the CV by the applicant:

A certified copy of your identity

Transcript of the latest results
Complete essay with up to 3000 words

NB: None of the above documents will automatically be disqualified from the application process.

Applications and essays will be reviewed by our respective experts in the service lines, and candidates will be selected based on their academic performance, essay writing skills and their chosen field of study.

The ERM has limited space available for both scholarship and internship programs, so only a few of them will use it in the program.

Successful candidates will enter into a contract with ERM South Africa and the contract will be reviewed quarterly based on the student’s academic performance. If successful, the ERM will notify the applicant of the success of their application.

Please note that this short-term opportunity is only available to South African graduates who wish to continue with their studies.

Deadline for application: January 22, 2020

How to Apply

Apply online via ERM website

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