Career Wise Bursaries South Africa.

At Career Wise, administer a full range of offers tailored to different financial circumstances. Responsibilities are different for each type of bursaries, and our policies ensure transparency and adequate support for student success.

Note that the following are about Career Wise Bursaries:

  • only available to South African citizens and residents of the long term, unless otherwise stated,
  • study at public institutions in South Africa,
  • For undergraduate study only.

There bursaries vary by type and have a corresponding commitment. Please take a look at the differences below and the sponsors involved.

Latest Bursaries:

Corporate Bursaries Application

It is awarded by companies that aim to attract potential qualified employees. Therefore, they offer a scholarship to complete your studies, but you will need to sign a contract that will commit you to work for the company after graduation. Service obligations are usually done annually. If you do not meet this obligation, you will have to repay the pre-financing, often with interest or administration costs. The company will appreciate you as a potential employee, so it is important to know as much as possible about the business, the type of work you expect and where they are located. Do not apply for a corporate scholarship if you are not fit and committed to this job. You will normally need to complete all practical training periods during your studies.

Bursaries 2020

Employee and employee dependents Bursaries

These are bursaries awarded to employees who wish to continue their studies with the aim of adding value to the business. Employees must obtain approval from their managers in accordance with the employee development plan. Dependent employees can also be awarded bursaries in accordance with the personnel management policy within the company. Note that the personnel department of the company must first approve the dependents of the employees according to their policy. More about employees and paid employees

Government Bursaries

The government has announced that it aims to increase the number of graduates in subject areas with limited skills and that they have different bursaries. These bursaries are offered on the basis of academic merit, proof of enrollment in a limited skill discipline and financial need. The scholarship is not accompanied by a specific contract of employment, but candidates are expected to sign a commitment to work in South Africa and sometimes in a particular industry after the study. These scholarships are not accompanied by job or training opportunities. It simply provides the financing.

How can you Apply one of these Bursaries?

Apply online via Career Wise website page OR fill the online Bursary registration form here

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