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About the company

The South African Breweries Limited is an internationally-known brewery headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company was founded in 1895 as Castle Brewery that served a growing market of miners and prospectors in and around Johannesburg. South African Breweries is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

South African Breweries Skills Development Programmes

The South African Breweries’ success is not just about the high-quality ingredients it puts in its globally loved brands, it’s also about its people’s quality and effort that they invest in the company. South African Breweries looks for intelligence, fresh thinking, people chemistry, integrity, self-reliance and a great business head, and mixes these qualities with passion and care to produce the best calibre of artisans and business leaders for the company and the Amalgamated Beverage Industries (ABI). Upon this matter, the company offers skills development programmes for hard working students who want to achieve their career goals earlier in the future. The South African Breweries skills development programmes are one of the company’s ways in contributing to the development of talented people in South Africa. The programmes are offered every year and are open for any young South African student. The skills development programmes offered by the South African Breweries include the following.

Graduates Programme, which is a structured 18-24 months programme designed to address the acquisition of technical skills and experience for a graduate as well as familiarise the trainee with the South African Breweries philosophy. This programme includes opportunities in the areas of information technology, engineering, marketing and supply chain.
Bursaries, which are awarded to talented and deserving South African students. The bursars are also afforded the opportunity to learn more about the world of work by participating in the resolution of real business challenges through structured summer school or vacation work. They will join the company full-time as graduate trainees upon their completion of studies.
CA Training Programme, which is a 3-year rotation plan for young people who have the desire to dive into the financial experience, with a variety of disciplines including sales, distribution, manufacturing and head office finance functions. This programme not only helps build business acumen, but also teaches invaluable life and professional skills in the commercial world. Trainees will be exposed to management accounting, financial accounting, tax, treasury and internal audit, credit and group finance functions in the business.
Learnerships / In-service Training / Internships, which are learner programmes structured short-term contractual interventions that encourage job creation and promote talent development.

South African Breweries is committed to contributing to South Africa’s nationa skills development agenda by focusing on both internal and external talent development initiatives. External commitment to the skills development of unemployed learners is demonstrated both through the South African Breweries Bursary Scheme and the provision of learnership / in-service training / vacation work programmes.

South African Breweries Learnerships

The Sector Technical and Training Authority (SETA) defines a learnership as a structured learning programme which includes theoretical and practical workplace experiential learning over a period of at least 12 months and which leads to an occupationally related qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). South African Breweries Learnerships benefit the learners in gaining critical functional and behavioural competencies which contribute significantly to the learner’s employment marketability. The company has unemployed learner opportunities across most business disciplines, and it partners with the various SETAs – particularly the FoodBev SETA – to ensure alignment with the Skills Development Strategy within the food and beverage sector. South African Breweries is committed to developing a talented and diverse workforce, where the right people are placed in roles that best suit their abilities and that provide them with the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

The South African Breweries Learnerships are open for enrolments every year – giving young people from every generation the opportunity to learn academically and experientially in their respective field of interest among this industry. Upon the completion of the learnerships, many of the participating learners transition into full-time South African Breweries employees.

Requirements for this learnership

A South African citizen or permanent resident
Completed Matric / Grade 12 / N3 in Engineering with Mathematics and Science
Proficient in English
Basic computer literate – familiar with MS Office
Possess analytical and problem solving skills
Self-motivated, attention to detail, and able to interact well and work effectively in shift based teams
Have no trouble working under pressure
No experience required

How to Apply

To find the ideal position for the qualifications at South African Breweries, applicants may check out the World of Opportunities within the Beer or Soft Drinks Divisions webpage. They may choose the role that they feel most suitable with their skills and aspirations.

What applicants will want to do first is to register an account on the recruitment webpage. After that, they will need to login and update their profile on the account, then provide all the information needed for the application including the details on the position they are applying for. The profile needs to be kept active to prevent the account from being automatically closed. Applicants may do that by logging in every month. Users inactive for 90 days will be locked out.

It is to be noted that only applications submitted via the portal will be considered. Short-listed applicants will receive a notification from the company via e-mail within 60 days from the date the submission was received.

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